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Operational information

IT-service operational information

Welcome to the IT-service operational information page where you can always find up to date information about the status of the University of Gothenburgs collective IT services which include the following: Telephony, internet access, student and staff portals and e-mail.


Disruption: Email, calendar & Functional mailboxes

Updated: Monday March 17 at 16:05 PM

Distribution of email data from the crashed servers now starts
The distribution of the e-mail history that could have been saved from the servers that crashed in the autumn is in full swing. It has been possible to obtain data of varying quality and scope for the majority of those affected by the e-mail incident. Both those who receive data and those who do not will be informed via email. All distribution is expected to be completed in mid-April. For more information see: Historisk e-postdata

Use the e-mail program on the computer again
Employees who received a new e-mail box due to the e-mail incident have previously been asked to use webmail instead of the e-mail program on the computer. Now there is information on the employee portal on how to get started using the e-mail program on the computer again. Follow the instructions on the page or contact the Service Desk for help:

More information
More information about the problems with e-mail and calendar can be found on the E-mail and calendar page in the staff portal. This page page also contains links to a detailed FAQ and to various instructions.
Email and calendar

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