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Operational information

Disruption: Openshift

The IT unit will carry out maintenance in Openshift, where the GU web and Pop are housed, 2023-10-01 at 20-23. In connection with this, shorter interruptions may occur.

[2023-09-15 - 09:15]

Planned System Maintenance - Gudok

Due to maintenance, Gudok will be closed from 12/9 17:00 to 15/9. During this time, it will not be possible to log in to Gudok, and no new diary numbers can be created, neither through the registrar or forms. The shutdown will also affect, to some extent, ReachMee and sharepoint sites.

[2023-09-07 - 12:10]

Disruption - Sharepoint: determining documents

Some employees may currently experience problems with determining documents in the Productivity platform/Sharepoint.

For some, it helps to switch browsers, Edge, Chrome or to clear saved data in the browser. Contact Servicedesk if you are unsure how to clear data in the browser.

If none of the above suggestions helps, we recommend that you wait until the IT unit has solved the root cause.

[2023-08-29 - 15:29]

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